Peek Inside Analog BKNY: Brooklyn’s Latest Nightclub


Analog BKNY

Brooklyn received a new club: Analog BKNY. Analog is a 5,000 square foot venue that has opened up in the heart of Gowanus with one thing in mind- to bring in the best underground artists around the globe to its location. Analog will now call the former home of SRB and Sankeys NYC home. Sankeys NYC European brand did not like how the venue was be operated, and saw it being run to the ground by the NYC managers & promoters. The plug was pulled only three weeks into the business venture. Hopefully Analog will not succumb to the same fate as the previous owners. In order to ensure that doesn’t happen, Analog will have a state of the art analog (looks like it was the source for the name of the club) sound system that was used at the famous Twilo NYC and Stereo in Montreal.

Gowanus, Brooklyn is far away from the Brooklyn hot spots of Williamsburg and Bushwick, however the location is an up and coming neighborhood of its own. With the rise of warehouse events in neighboring area like Park Slope & Red Hook, Analog envisions crowds to begin gathering at its Gowanus venue for sought after underground music. Analog manager elaborates on that by saying,

“Brooklyn is not just a few blocks of Williamsburg and Bushwick,” he said. “People travel to these warehouses in Sunset Park and Atlantic Avenue. So why not here? We’re right in the middle.”

Analog BKNY had its soft opening March 6th. For more information about Analog, see here.