BlackGummy – Singularity EP


BlackGummy quickly became a producer to watch in 2015 with his refreshingly dark and industrial-inspired tracks, which he masterfully delivers more of on his just released “Singularity” EP. Now available on mau5trap, the EP, which is inspired by “technological singularity,” is comprised of four tracks, including “The Machine, which dropped as a single a week ahead of the EP. Probably the most commercial track of the bunch, “The Machine” features a quirky spoken word intro and gives off serious Knife Party vibes. “Alarm” prominently features atmospheric build-ups and contrasts them with deep, heavy drops and “Plucking Technology” feels a bit like a sister-track to “The Machine,” with a similar irreverent sound and slightly different tempo, but uses some of the same vocal samples. Finally, “The Unseen” is a tech track that nicely rounds out the package. Overall, “Singularity” delivers on the potential that the enigmatic BlackGummy has displayed over the last year and is a cohesive, original, and impressive collection of tracks.