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Watch Earl Sweatshirt’s Hour-Long DJ Debut As ‘Earl Fletcher’

earl sweatshirtWhile there are many intricate and technical abilities associated with DJing, having the ability to read and play for a crowd is what truly separates the elite from the rest. Song choice, timing, and crafting unique remixes are but some of the aspects that go into designing one’s set; its what makes live shows so entertaining and memorable for it’s attendees. Though many of these qualities are typically associated with electronic dance music, DJing also has many roots in hip hop culture. Having a good DJ/hype man are just as important to the actual show as the artist themselves, as they ensure that every drop and every booming chorus are met with a resounding reaction.

Earlier this week, lucky hip hop heads were given the chance to attend an hour-long performance by heavily underrated L.A. rapper Earl Sweatshirt, who treated attendees to his debut DJ set under the new moniker ‘Earl Fletcher‘. Between mixing classic cuts by rappers like Lil’ Wayne and 2 Chainz to premiering brand new music under his hip hop name, it’s clear that the Odd Future member has a talent for choosing the perfect blend of underground heat and crowd favorites. Based off the reaction of those in attendance in the video, the California rapper’s style bodes well to feeding the energy of the audience, as you can see everyone was definitely feeling the music he was putting out.

Check out video below of his performance from the Boiler Room x Trash Talk event hosted by the Babylon Skate Shop in downtown L.A. Hopefully, Earl Sweatshirt decides to take this show on tour, as it would definitely be a unique performance for diehards, hip hop junkies and general music fans alike.

Source: Complex

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