Electric Forest Introduces ‘Her Forest’ Program

"The Women’s Group Camp is the seed of a collaborative space for female forest-goers"


Electric Forest is one of the most highly anticipated music festivals each year thanks to a unique combination of music, art and performance. Festival goers proudly identify as being a part of the Forest Family. This year, female festival attendees will have the opportunity to join the first ever Her Forest Program, an initiative that builds on the Electric Forest experience of women.

The Her Forest Program is essentially a women’s group camp focused on “Connection, Inspiration, and Comfort”. It is intended for women who are camping solo or who are interested in connecting with other Forest Family women in a supportive and empowering environment. The Her Forest campsite, located in the center of the GA campground, is a safe space for women to get together and share their festival experiences with each other.

The program costs a small fee and spaces are limited. This year’s Her Forest Host is The Festival Girl herself, Edith Johnson. As the festival nears, group members will be connected to one another to coordinate arrivals, projects and activities.

More information, rules, and registration for the new program can be found here.