Go Behind the Security Tape At Ultra With Miami PD


Normally at festivals, there’s quite a bit of distance between the festival-goers and the police, both literally and figuratively. Trying to change that this year, Miami PD put together a VLOG cataloging their entire Ultra Music Festival experience. Rather than going off like a typical “don’t do drugs” PSA, this is a relatively cool behind the scenes look. They show you the build out process, talk to the design teams, and then explain their security protocols.

You’ll see how they direct traffic and then they show you their rolling mobile command center. This is obviously a place where you don’t want to find yourself during Ultra. Besides that, they take you up to the epic Red Bull platform and even to the marine patrol that guards the waterfront access to the festival. The overarching feeling from this is that these guys are not there to ruin your day, but to keep you safe and maybe even have a little fun for themselves.