Hardwell Talks Cooking Beats and Graphic Design in Interview [Video]


Although Hardwell is often at the receiving end of criticism lately, nobody can argue with Hardwell’s relaxed charm and demeanor. Of all of the big names DJ/producers out there, Hardwell is the one you would want to grab a beer with. He proves that in a sit down interview with Youtuber Jarrett Bellini, who admittedly knows very little about the dance music world.

In the interview Hardwell talks about his lack of cooking skills, retorting that he can mainly cook beats (get it?). Interestingly, he has a great passion for and a lot of schooling in graphic design. He says if he was not a DJ he would want to do graphic design, and that he personally designs the artwork used for the Revealed Records releases. He also feels that in many ways producing music and graphic design are similar in the time spent sitting at the desktop tweaking the final product.

While Hardwell gets a lot of flack from EDM snobs, he still knows what he’s talking about. He gives America some props and says our dance music culture is really starting to catch up to Europe, where dance music has reigned for a generation. He says even now if you ask most Americans how dance music began they would probably start with Daft Punk, missing out on all of the development prior to that. As a proper fan, Hardwell keeps all of his favorite albums in vinyl and says his favorite album of all time is The Prodigy’s Music for the Gilted Generation. Check out the full interview above and you’ll quickly see why Hardwell is one of the most well liked DJs out there.