Insomniac Has Good News and Bad News for 2016


Insomniac is one of the most loved brands in dance music because its leader, Pasquale Rotella, is so honest and up front with the fans. Tonight Pasquale took to Instagram to update us on the way forward for Insomniac in 2016. The main focus of the message was how to make memories that last a lifetime and create the best possible experiences.

First, Pasquale hit us with the good news as EDC turns 20 this year and huge celebrations are in store. EDC has new stages, new rides, and new art planned for the big 20th and the festival is nearly sold out. On top of that, EDMbiz is expanding and moving to Caesar’s Palace. Insomniac also has plans for new US festivals, including some with camping for 2017.

Then Pasquale hit us with quite a bit of bad news that only fuels the fire that the EDM business might be contracting in 2016. For 2016 there will be no EDC Puerto Rico (February) or Beyond Wonderland SF (late September). Pasquale explained that this was not due to attendance, but to the fact that Insomniac wanted to explore new cities and improve existing ones. Additionally, while EDC Japan is still happening at some point it is no longer happening in July as originally planned. Perhaps the festival will neatly slot into the gaping hole left by TomorrowWorld in September.

In another good guy Pasquale move, Insomniac plans to focus heavily on the art of DJing this year with longer set times and a big expansion for niche festival properties like Dreamstate, Bassrush, Basscon, and Crush. On top of that, Insomniac plans a relaunch of its in-house label Insomniac Records which has previously featured artists like Arty. You can check out the entire message here. As EDC gears up for its biggest celebration yet, Pasquale Rotella reminds us all why we love Insomniac and its associated festival properties.