Jack Ü To Release New Material Around Coachella


Diplo has been extra busy lately with crossing country lines and being the first major American act to play in Cuba since the two countries officially ended tensions. Even though he’s been devoting a lot of attention to Major Lazer and his solo career, he still hasn’t forgotten about Jack Ü. During an interview with Charlie Rose, Diplo announced that his side project with Skrillex will have new material released around Coachella time. The duo is headlining the Friday for the two weekends in April.

A few weeks ago, HM Mastering revealed that it was working on a Jack Ü project without any specific details. It’s worth noting that it was around this time last year that the project released its debut album. That being said, the odds of the duo releasing new Jack Ü in only a matter of weeks is pretty high!

Stay tuned for more information as we near Coachella. For now, watch Jack Ü and Justin Bieber’s Grammy rehearsal!