Jack U Teases New Music With Florence + The Machine, Die Antwoord


So now that Ultra is over, what is there to look forward to? How about some new Jack U music set to coincide with the piping hot duo’s performance at Coachella. Thankfully, Skrillex and Diplo aren’t the best at keeping secrets. They’ve already begun teasing the new material on Snapchat and there’s some big stuff coming.

First up, it sounds like we’ve got a track called “Constellations” featuring none other than Florence + The Machine. Sounds like another recipe for a pop crossover hit, but that’s not the only collaborator in the mix. Ninja from Die Antwoord is also in the videos, so who knows how he fits into the picture. The people are ready for some new Jack U material and the guys are almost ready to give it to us. Check out the snippets below and let us know what you think.