Some Las Vegas Club Owners Think EDM Is Out


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The word around town in Las Vegas is that EDM is out. A new club is preparing to be ushered into Sin City and it seems to be taking a slightly different approach. That new establishment is Intrigue and it is located at Wynn Las Vegas. Sean Christie, chief operating officer states, “It is the opposite of a big DJ-driven club” and that, “The DJ is no longer the most important part of the recipe”.

What Sean means is that, to a certain degree, the DJ booth is setup as a secondary attraction. Intrigue might not be taking it to the same level as old-school Chicago and Detroit where the underground created bonds between different clicks, but it’s a step in the right direction. With the new club focusing on personal interactions, there will be a private VIP room has where social media has a strict “leave it at the door” policy.

With most resident DJs having established multi-year contracts with the hotels during the big EDM boom after EDC moved to Vegas, a source close to the situation said when it comes time to renew, “offers are expected to go down, some by as much as 50 percent”. With the continually opening and one-upping of Vegas clubs, come 2018 with the opening of Alon across the street from the Wynn, those highly coveted six-figure contracts might be a thing of the past.

Another huge reason behind not recruiting high profile DJs is because of the crowd that comes with them. Jesse Waits, one of the minds behind Wynn’s mecca XS who now oversees plans for Alon, told Page Six, “People who just want to see DJs don’t dress up, they don’t have style, they don’t even want to be in a nightclub — they want to see a concert. They’re not cool. Nightclubs are cool-people clubs.”

As Carl Cox enters the final year of his Space Ibiza residency, his recent Reddit AMA sheds a lot of light onto the situation while keeping a positive outlook for the future. It will be interesting to see how this new club survives in the competitive city of Las Vegas.

Source: Page Six