MAKJ Starts A ‘F*ck You Donald Trump’ Chant At Ultra


Even though we don’t like to get too political here at EDMTunes, the current United States presidential race has been filled with connections to electronic music. For example, multiple candidates, including Hilary Clinton, have asked to use dance tracks at their events. Additionally, former Republican candidate Marco Rubio has voiced his love for the genre on a few occasions, with the most notable occurrence taking place during an awkward interview with Anderson Cooper. Now, dance music and politics have come together again thanks to a powerful moment at Ultra Music Festival.

During his afternoon set at the main stage, MAKJ decided to take a stab at none other than Donald Trump. After seeing a fan’s ‘F*CK TRUMP’ sign, he initiated a ‘F*ck you Donald Trump’ chant with the thousands of people in attendance. The end result it quite powerful and you can check it out below.