This Photo Slip Might Finally Prove Who Marshmello Really Is


After more than a year of carefully protecting his identity, the DJ/producer known as Marshmello might have finally slipped. There have been several theories about Marshmello’s identity. In a June, 2015 interview with Katie Couric, Skrillex referred to the mysterious enigma as “Chris”, which had a lot of people pointing the finger at Chris Comstock, better known as Dotcom. Skrillex and Dotcom are managed by the same team, and Dotcom hasn’t released any original music in several months. Despite the circumstantial evidence, Marshmello didn’t think that it would be an appropriate time to take off his helmet.

Almost a year after the infamous Skrillex interview, a press photo recently appeared showing a masked Marshmello spilling a bottle of champagne. What should have been an innocent photo shoot, might have finally confirmed his identity. If you look carefully at the photo, you can see a rose-red tattoo on Marshmello’s right leg. In an older photo taken of Chris Comstock with his pants around his ankles, there is a suspiciously similar tattoo exposed on the same leg. Is this the final straw that will finally push Marshmello to take off the helmet? Time will tell. Realistically, as long as he keeps making great tunes, we don’t really care who he is.



H/T: Your EDM