W&W – How Many


How Many

W&W – How Many

W&W is back after a long musical break with a new track entitled¬†‘How Many’. If you have had a chance to catch the duo over their past few shows, there is no question in my mind that you have heard this tune played out live.

W&W rose to fame behind a massive and stadium-filling sound that ushered in an era of music that still is relevant on main stages throughout most of the world’s festivals. The high energy and minimalist melodies create a large punch on massive speakers, but it is the same sound we have been hearing from these dudes, along with an infinite number of other producers, for quite some time now. One in every four or so songs by these guys is solid enough to land itself on one of my weekend party-playlists, and this may just be another one for your very own. Check the tune below to decide for yourself, and head over to their SoundCloud page to snag a copy.

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