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Apple Receives Patent For Music Censoring Technology


Apple’s music censoring patent was approved after being filed in September of 2014. The technology will be able to scan songs or ebooks and edit out swear words. The patent is appropriately named “Management Replacement and Removal of Explicit Lyrics during Audio Playback.”

Apple’s goal is to make songs and ebooks family friendly. The technology can replace explicit lyrics with the classic beeping noise, or it can be replaced with a non-explicit lyric. They even say the technology will be able to remove the lyrics without disrupting the beat.

Censoring is not new to Apple. They have been known to have strict policies on what type of content is allowed in the App Store. Apple Music’s online radio station, Beats 1, is already censoring explicit tracks. It is still unclear if this type of technology will be making it to your iTunes library.

Before you start to freak out about Apple censoring your music. This is an OPTION. You will still be able to hear your favorite explicit tracks. The technology is aimed to help songs and ebooks become suitable for children. Music purists will remain happy as long as the censoring can be disabled.

H/T: Business InsiderĀ 


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