Beyonce Recruits Diplo on New Album


Diplo has undoubtedly become one of the kings of the EDM/pop crossover. He successfully lives in both the dance music world along with the realm of hip-hop, which was key in his team up with Skrillex and Justin Bieber. After the success of “Where Are U Now” Skrillex was recruited by Justin Bieber to help produce his Purpose album, and now we know that Diplo was working with pop superstar Beyonce. Those who follow Diplo closely will know that Diplo has produced for her in the past, most notable lending her his track “Pon de Floor” for her to rework into “Run the World (Girls)”

While in general the dance music community responded to Beyonce’s new Surprise album Lemonade with a collective “hmph”, it took Diplo to bring our attention back to it. This weekend he took to Instagram to reveal that he helped produce “All Night” and “Hold Up” from the album. Beyond that, Diplo himself has vocals on “All Night” and Diplo was actually surprised that they stayed in for the final version. As dance music and pop crossovers continue to break new ground, we continue to wait on Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris to top them all. If you want to listen to the new tracks, the entire album is TIDAL exclusive in perpetuity, so¬†you might as well grab your copy from Zippyshare or your torrent of choice. Update: It’s on iTunes already.