Is Calvin Harris About to Drop a Taylor Swift Collab?


So Coachella Weekend 1 came and went without a new original from headliner and hitmaker Calvin Harris. After he recently told fans new music was “coming soon”, this might be a bit of a letdown. Fear not because now Calvin is in full on tease mode, and we might have it figured out already. First, Calvin made a quick change of his Facebook cover photo to a nondescript image of lightning striking a blue mountain scene set to a black backdrop.

taylor swift
Calvin Harris’ new Facebook profile picture.

Later, his profile picture was changed to the same image with 0 explanation. Like most millennials, we’ve become saavy enough at social media marketing in dance music to know that this is probably cover art for new music. One intrepid Facebook commented was quick to note that the very same image was spotted on the back of  his girlfriend and pop icon Taylor Swift‘s jacket during Coachella. On top of that, fans were quick to take note that Taylor underwent a pretty big style change for the big weekend. As you can see below, the image is a dead on match. Could her new look be part of the track’s theme? The perfect storm of dance and pop music is about to take place so brace yourselves. You have probably just seen the cover image for 2016’s most overplayed biggest track. Get ready for Weekend 2 folks because the reveal will probably go down then, and we might have our eyes peeled for Taylor to join him on stage this time.

Source: Billboard