Canadian Researchers Fundraising To Buy 1 Kilo Of MDMA



A group of Canadian researchers is putting on a couple fundraisers to learn more about  the use of MDMA as a form of medicinal therapy. Their attempt with the fundraisers is to make enough money to buy a kilo of MDMA for their lab.

Other psychedelic drugs like Mushrooms and LSD have been used for research before and psychological benefits have been found for some people, but they are still considered illegal narcotics in the USA and not much progress has been made on legalization of those.

Recent efforts have shown that MDMA can indeed have psychological benefits, particularly for people with PTSD. The chemistry of MDMA helps people with post traumatic stress disorder get past the fear and anxiety, enabling them to talk about their trauma an experiences. Researchers say without MDMA they have about a 25% success rate for treating PTSD but with MDMA they have an 82% success rate, obviously a clear difference.

Source: CBC