Coachella Artists Pay Tribute To Prince


The worldwide community was in shock after the passing of legendary performer Prince.

It is extremely heartwarming that in this time of sadness, the music world’s new tastemakers are uniting to continue Prince’s work of promoting individuality and progressive thinking. Coachella, one of the United States’ foremost arts, music, and expression festivals, has actually hosted Prince in the past. It is only fitting that in this time of sadness, some of Coachella’s biggest names are paying tribute to one of the most memorable artists of the modern era.

Jack U paid tribute to #Prince at #Coachella | Video: @mattmedved

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Jack Ü, an act that is also credited with blurring genre lines, chose to end its set with a massive tribute to Prince.

Another major act that went above and beyond to pay tribute to the musical icon was LCD Soundsystem, who played an emotional rendition of his song “Controversy”.

Prince is so widely appreciated by the musical community due to the fact that he was a truly unique person, on top of being extremely talented. In many ways, he represents certain traits that every artist should strive for. He was a talented multidisciplinary artist, who is credited for shattering racial and gender stereotypes. He is well known for heavily supporting the careers of many female musicians. Prince, a guitar virtuoso, could play percussion, a variety of synthesizers and bass. His use of new age sounds and his willingness to break down barriers, both socially, musically and sexually, has been extremely significant in propelling our society and music industry forward. Prince embodies an era that has since passed, but will never be forgotten because so much of his work has truly inspired the art and music of today. Watch him cover Radiohead’s “Creep” at Coachella below.