Coachella Attendees Fail Trying to File Taxes at Fake Post Office


These days festivals really think of it all. They have everything you could think of between great food, rides, art, music, and even lodging. Coachella even has a post office to mail out greeting cards to your plebe friends to remind them to buy a ticket for next year. However in one of the funniest festival fails to cross our desk, at least 10 Coachella attendees attempted to file their tax returns through the Coachella post office. It remains to be seen if those 10 also plan on attending Berniechella, but it seems likely.

Coachella campground post office pictured here.

The festival was forced to remind festival-goers that it is not a real post office, but merely an intermediary between the festival and the local post office that does not accept tax returns. The post office is mainly used for mailing postcards and shipping home purchased festival merchandise. Besides campers filing their taxes, a woman attempted to drop off a pre-paid eBay package and a couple successfully mailed out their wedding invitations. Festivals have grown in many ways, but taking tax returns is one area no festival plans on entering any time soon.

Source: The Press Enterprise