deadmau5 & ATTLAS Push Produce With Microsoft



deadmau5, born as Joel Zimmerman, is no stranger to the technical side of music production. Not only is he well-versed in the software side of things, but he is also somewhat of a hardware wizard. For further proof, see the video below.

You might also know that deadmau5 has been in partnership with Microsoft in the past year or so, working on a futuristic touch screen setup for Joel’s live shows using Microsoft surface technology. Microsoft is now letting us in on all the technology behind this project, as the company recently uploaded an enlightening new video featuring the mau5 alongside his favorite rising label mate. In the video, deadmau5 and fellow  ATTLAS are seen using the Surface while producing their music on the road. Check out the clip below and while you’re at it, be sure to listen to “Bad At Titles“, a collaboration between the guys.