Deadmau5 Trolls Avicii with Hilarious April Fools Joke


How many of you saw this one coming from a mile away? Obviously today is April 1st, so be skeptical of any “news” you see. Dance music’s favorite troll took the opportunity to drop the mic on none other than Avicii. Just few days after Avicii posted his heartfelt retirement note, Deadmau5 announced his own retirement by basically mimicking the letter.

Most of the note is a copy/paste job from Avicii’s, but he did change out the names to people in his own life. Also in keeping with the oddest portion of Avicii’s letter, Deadmau5 included a phone number at the bottom. Also much like Avicii, we texted the number and haven’t gotten a response. Gotta give Joel some credit for a funny and timely April Fools joke, but be on the lookout for many more today. You can check out the complete troll below.