Dhillon – Intro EP


Dhillon - Intro EP

Dhillon – Intro EP

Imagine yourself in a dark atmosphere. There are lasers and lights just flashing ferociously, you can feel the sound waves from the speakers bouncing off your skin, sweat dripping down your forehead, and everyone around you is dancing. Everyone’s eyes are closed, faint smirks reflect off the beams of light, and it is complete immersion. This is how I feel when I listen to Dhillon‘s newly released 3-track Intro EP, the second release on his own label, Vivrant.

Swedish producer and DJ, Jeremy Olander, returns once again with his alias Dhillon to deliver a deep, dark, yet sexy sound that just makes it almost obligatory that you have to dance all night long. With his style being so intimately alluring, he conveys what it means to have an addicting sound and truly claims the title of “saviour of the true progressive style”. Each track is unique, giving diversity and individuality to the EP. Incorporating groove, heavy basslines, and in-depth rhythms, Dhillon exceeds expectations to give you a glimpse into his world of music.

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