Four Tet Wants To Open His Own Berghain


four tet
Four Tet has an idea to turn the London Trocadero into a top notch nightclub. He says he wants to create something similar to Berlin’s Berghain. This German nightclub boasts a big sound system and a closing time that lasts late into the morning hours.

The location that Four Tet has picked is nothing short of perfect. The Trocadero is a historic London building that originally opened in 1896 as a restaurant. The building added a cabaret after World War 1 and eventually closed to the public in 1965. It was relaunched in 1984 as a cinema and shopping complex for tourists. Now, it sits partially vacant.

The new venue seems to be in the early stages of planning. Hebden’s goal of creating a dominate London nightclub starts with the Trocadero. He needs big investors in order to obtain this building. The property value is around $300 million U.S., reach out to Hebden for any investment proposals.

We hope that Four Tet follows through with his exciting venue, and shows the full potential of London’s nightlife.