HARD Summer Teases Lineup With Old-School Website


We know, we know – as soon as you see a “lineup tease” in the headline, you’re probably excited that a name or two has been listed. Well, we hate to break it to you, but not this time.Though HARD events in Los Angeles have been constantly up in the air after deaths at HARD Summer threatened to kick the production out of the city, it is clear that HARD Summer will return this year – though the lineup is not clear at all.

If you clicked to their website, www.hardsummer.com, yesterday you would have seen an old-school 64-bit login screen from the early nineties. Today, you’re faced with a black screen and an initial line of code reading **** HARDFEST 64 BASIC V2 **** 64K RAM SYSTEM 38911 BASIC BYTES FREE READY. Prompting you for a login and password, you can’t get much of anywhere and are left curious and confused. The only thing that keeps us tied to the event is the HSMF logo in the bottom right of the page.

Unless anyone has a username and password that magically works, we’ll all be left waiting to wonder what comes next. The ball’s in your court, HARD… we have high expectations.