Kaskade Releases Coachella 2015 Video Set Days Before Coachella 2016 [Full Video]


One of the biggest parts of the music industry, it seems, is the ongoing teasing that artists do to their fans with their uncanny (and clearly planned) timing. Earlier this week, Kaskade released his remix of Zhu’s “In The Morning” – an interesting move considering Zhu is performing the next two weekends at Coachella Arts & Music Festival – and, this morning, he alluded to Coachella yet again.

Kaskade tweeted early today, with a screenshot of video from his set at Coachella 2015:

: Charge that battery up then save it cos I’m posting a set today. 99 guesses as to which one…

Hours later, he posted his entire Weekend 2 set from last year to Youtube, announcing it on Twitter and Facebook as a “nice warmup” for his upcoming KaskadeLA event.  We can have high hopes and let ourselves think that maybe he’ll show up with Zhu during his Saturday night set at the Sahara tent this weekend. Take an hour and watch the video for yourself below – Kaskade truly never disappoints.