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Check Out The Full Version Of ‘Martin Garrix: The Ride’

martin Garrix: the ride

If you don’t think Martin Garrix is one of the biggest DJs in the world, you’re wrong. His rise to fame has the features of a Hollywood film and now, he’s finally been given the chance to tell the world his story thanks to his new MTV documentary Martin Garrix: The Ride.

Martin got started with music early and even learned how to play the guitar before he was 10. He was inspired early on by Tiesto after seeing him perform at the Opening Ceremonies of the 2004 Summer Olympics and ever since then, he’s made it his mission to reach that same status. Well, judging by his new film, he’s done just that. At the young age of 19, Garrix has already established his own record label, played some of the biggest festivals in the world and topped the music charts in a plethora of countries. If he keeps it up, his documentary will have a sequel in no time. Check out Martin Garrix: The Ride below.

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