MetaPop Becomes First Platform in the World to Clear and Monetize a Fan Remix


MetaPop becomes first platform in the world to clear and monetize a Fan Remix

Fan remixes have recently become an issue over the internet. Once posted online, these remixes are often taken down immediately by “anti-piracy” services with no regard to the value they create, and thus, creativity is being stifled, and money is being lost. Meta Pop has come to fix this problem, and they’ve actually done something no one else has yet – put it into practice.

Just last week, the startup was able to have remixers unofficially remix The Vandal Squad’s “Fresh 2 Death”, and those remixes were monetized and now officially appear on Metapop’s You Tube page.

By connecting rights holders and remixers MetaPop can monetize Fan Remixes for Rights Holders, creating an entirely new revenue stream for labels from Fan Remixes and their plays. MetaPop is free to use for both rights holders and remixers, which is amazing – a large problem in this subset of artist/label interests is that no one actually wants to pay for anything.

MetaPop has already partnered with over 11,000 labels, and 800 remixers, which is rad when taken with the fact that they’re the only company to actually act on their plan. Check them out here.