Producer Has Pizza Delivered to His Moving Train


This is too good of a story. Artwork (formerly known as Menta), who has been part of the dubstep revolution since it’s inception, had a Domino’s pizza delivered to him mid train ride. Pizza Hut was his first choice though.

On a 5-hour train from Scotland to Sheffield, Artwork was made aware that there wasn’t a food/beverage option. Luckily, the folks over at Domino’s and a picture perfect placement at Darlington Station, having no ticket barriers in which to prevent a drop off from the delivery girl, created a serene scenario that allowed the handoff to happen.

Now this probably isn’t the mental image you had when you read the headline, but it’s still a pretty funny story. After the pizza was delivered, Artwork enjoy the fresh pie in his first class cabin along with the train’s conductor. What’s even better is that he pulled the same stunt the following day.