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RJD2 & American Airlines Go At It Over A Record Bag


Seemingly these days, everyone is subject to the questionable ways airline treat their patrons. From losing luggage, to terrible handling of situations on the ground and in the air, there are very few companies that get the gist of good customer service. RJD2, on a flight from San Francisco, has been the latest to receive such poor treatment.

Aboard the American Airlines flight, Ramble Jon Krohn, whom would think that with as much experience he has accumulated over his years of touring, has thought about the type of luggage that would be allowed. The AA crew didn’t think so.

After a heated exchange with personnel, he continues to take to twitter to air his grief.

Even American Airlines gets involved on Twitter.

While allowed on the plane, eventually, his record collection was not. Continuing to vent and responding to supports while in the air, everyone involved, including the American Airlines social media correspondent, were concerned about the arrival of the precious cargo. Upon landing, R2J2 tweeted that all seemed well safe a couple of dings.

Having the last word, Krohn, posted a picture of his records bag fitting snug and secure in the carry or check pre-flight indicator.


James Harmon
Editor, Co-Owner/Label Manager for THNK TNK Records, 1/2 of Low Cut, hailing from Denver, Colorado
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