Arty Posts Frustrated Response to Australian Trance Purists


It has become a relatively frequent occurrence in dance music for an artist to gain fame, broaden their horizons, and face the wrath of a group of fans who are disgusted with their accomplishments and changes. This tends to be more extreme in the trance realm as artists like Tiesto, Armin van Buuren, and Andrew Rayel face this kind of criticism daily. Another artist who has shifted his sound and encountered haters is Arty.

Originating from Anjunabeats Arty has since released an album with very different sounding music and has experimented with releases on labels like Hardwell’s Revealed Recordings. It would appear that Arty’s Australian fans have taken it harder than most and have resorted to relentless social media hate during his tour through the country. Apparently Arty was booked to play a “classics” set, and incorporated some newer track mashups into his set which upset the purists.

The fans have complained about the type of set he plays, the length of his sets, and even saying he has no respect for the fans. This harsh criticism touched off a nerve with the young producer who took to Facebook to post a heartfelt and frustrated response to these “fans”.

While we may grow frustrated when an artist evolves, we should also remember that they are people like all of us just trying to put on the best show they can. Let this be a reminder that many of these artists take these messages to heart and care intensely about the love of their fans. While it’s ok to be an EDM snob, try not to be a jerk guys.