deadmau5 Explains What He Does With All His Millions


deadmau5 actually has reason to explain his so-called virtual madness. Other than his music and live shows, we know Joel, or stay in touch with him, through his various online outbursts and 140-character tirades mostly against other artists and their producing standards. Well, he’s in the news again, literally. Because of a recent feature in The New York Times about the prolific producer, the publication posted a clip from a 2013 video entitled Deadmau5: The Man, The DJ, The Music. The clip, which was released before some of his more major Twitter quarrels, humanizes Joel and helps explain his online rants. In the clip, Joel talks about the need for artists to disclose themselves to fans since they’re the ones helping them make millions of dollars. He believes in bringing out the truth by publicly calling them out on social media and forcing them to explain what they’re actually doing with all that money.

Joel backs himself up by insisting that the money he makes goes back to his fans.

“Now all of a sudden, I’m worth millions, and I feel like I need to justify that. Always. I would hate to think that someone out there would believe that I’m making millions of dollars and just going out bottle popping and flying on jets. I’m not. Literally, money in money out is my thing right now. I would feel bad about hoarding all that.”

Hopefully, with all this talk, a new album is imminent. Watch the clip below!