Deadmau5 Settles Legal Dispute With Play Records

Play Records

Deadmau5 has officially resolved his lawsuit against label, Play Records, to which he was signed during 2006-2008.

The closing of this suit should come as a relief, but Zimmerman has been sued in the past by Disney in regards to his mau5 head and by Don Johnson, CEO of Heritage Development, for not playing a Bon Jovi track…so he’s weathered these on the other side before.

The lawsuit against Play Records began in October of 2015 and called for a $10 million dollar resolution. The suit based around the accusation that Play Records was releasing remixes and other tracks by Deadmau5 without his permission – which they needed according to Zimmeran’s separation agreement from the label.

Since then, the suit has been resolved, and according to The Hollywood Reporter, Melleny Melody of Play Records said “We are pleased to reach a mutually beneficial resolution, given our long-standing business history”.

Some of the Deadmau5 tracks released by Play Records are among his biggest classics. You can check out his mix album At Play here: