Dillon Francis & NGHTMRE – Need You (Music Video)


Dillon Francis keeps the laughs coming with his new video “Need You”, a collaboration with NGHTMRE. Over the years, DJ Hanzel and Trevor, his alter egos have made appearances from time to time online, playing gigs or even releasing music and mixes. Taking place in the burbs during a block party, Dillon takes on one of his personas. Hilarity ensues.

To start things off, three minutes are allotted to build up the characters then all things just start to break down at the BBQ. Dillon hits things off with a housewife then proceeds to break her heart on the DJ booth, outrageous behavior not typical of the 40-50 year old range of suburban life takes place and lets not forget the tune that without those moombahton undertones that made Mr. Francis’ popularity surge in the first place, the video wouldn’t have even been shot. Watch the whole thing from start to finish: it’s quite the six minute performance.