Dillon Francis Stars in New Hit Online Reality Series: DJ World


Ladies and gentlemen, prepare yourselves. EDM’s king of comedy Dillon Francis just premiered the first episode of his YouTube series DJ World. Starring himself, Nick Colletti and Tanner Petulla aka Getter, the show plays on satire by ludicrously portraying the lives of six DJ’s trying to make it big. They make jabs at the excessive use of recreational drugs in the scene, artists who claim to be producers but really just don’t do much, the superficial personalities of celebrities and more. While of course many DJ’s are not really like the characters in the show, there is no denying that a large number of people like them exist. Mimicking the style of a reality TV show, DJ World episodes will premiere on Dillon’s YouTube channel every Tuesday and Thursday. The show is directed by Brandon Dermer, the man behind Dillon’s “Not Butter” music video which was praised by Vimeo and SXSW. Watch the first episode below and stay tuned for more every week.

DJ World