Diplo Revs Engine for Next Jack Ü Hype Train, New Music Imminent

Jack U

Though Diplo and Skrillex are both popular in their own right, it is perhaps Jack Ü that has their names most hyped right now. The collaborative project between the two producers and DJs, now arguably one of the most well-known names in the electronic music industry, continues to draw eyes no matter what they are doing.

The latest from Diplo has hinted at the latest moves from the duo – a tweet – one that has since been deleted – announcing that the new Jack Ü music would be released soon.

Though this is a mysterious hint to say the least, we’ve heard rumors of new music before. Skrillex commented in 2015 that they’d be releasing a new EP in early 2016, so we can hope to see  a new tune or two popping up sometime in the near future.