DJ Kasey Taylor Accused of Consuming Kilo of Ketamine


Kasey Taylor

If you never heard of him, Kasey Taylor is a renowned Melbourne based DJ, who’s in the news unfortunately not for his music at the moment. The Aussie is facing accusations is swallowing almost a kilogram of the horse tranquilizer drug of ketamine which is famously known as “special k,” a substance known to illicit hallucinations and feelings of insanity.

Kasey Taylor has been performing in Australia for over two decades now and has even performed at venues in the Netherlands, Portugal and Indonesia as well as performed at the Eclipse Festival & Rainbow Serpent Festival just to name a few. Taylor was arrested alongside Robert Charles Oung (club promoter) by the Australian Border Force after arriving back from a trip to Asia, and were brought to a hospital until the drug had passed through their systems. They’re now up for charges for bringing in a ‘marketable’ quantity of the drug.

Kasey Taylor and other members of the Melbourne club scene have been under surveillance for some time before their arrest. Additionally, the drug task forced have raided two popular Melbourne nightclubs in Two Floors Up and Railway Hotel and found ecstasy, cocaine, methamphetamine and a large sum of cash before arresting the owners for drug trafficking.

Source: The Age: Victoria