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Erick Morillo Opens Up About Ketamine Addiction

Erick Morillo is a legend of house music, with an illustrious career that dates back to the early ’80s. However, his path to get there was not always so smooth, as he recently disclosed to Pete Tong at the international Music Summit in Ibiza. After achieving significant success, Morillo let his ego get the better of him as he watched younger DJs grow to ultimately surpass his fame. This pushed him towards making music he was dispassionate about while he severely abused alcohol and ketamine. Morillo refrained from telling people not to do ketamine, yet explained that it put him in a reality that wasn’t real.

Morillo was extremely candid and straightforward in the interview, delving into the painful details of his struggles with addiction. He opened up about some of his low points, such as his ban from British Airways, losing the “love of my life” and his three arrests and visits to rehab.

“At one point, I couldn’t even urinate. Every time I tried, it would be stuck and the pain meant I had to go to hospital where they put me to sleep. When I woke up, they had slashed some of my arm off because it was so infected from putting ketamine in it.”

After these shocking disclosures, Morillo ended the interview on a positive note, proudly boasting of the resurgence of house music and declaring that now he is truly in it for the love.

H/T: Mixmag

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