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Experience Getting into Berghain via Virtual Reality Simulation

Having just traveled to Berlin last week, standing in front of the graffitied doors of the infamous “world capital of techno” itself Berghain, I’ve heard the rumors firsthand and trust me, no one’s exaggerating when they say it’s hard to get in. Some say Sunday afternoon is the “easiest” time to get in, while others share their abtruse recommendations of dressing effortlessly, yet chic, and looking curiously excited, but not hammered on drugs. Whatever the secret is, save yourself the cash and trouble of flying to Berlin and test your chances with a virtual reality simulation of the experience.

Berlin-natives and creators of this VR experience Fabian Burghardt and Vinzenz Aubry integrated a facial recognition software into the simulation to check the acceptability of your emotions while being questioned by world-renown doorman Sven Marquardt. Answer the three questions “acceptably,” and you have a pass through to one of the best micro-worlds of techno — via web at least. Next up: try your chances live. Are you in?

Born and raised in Texas, I love music, tech, and them dinosaurs. Follow @numichuu
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