Flume’s Manager Tried To Eject Taylor Swift At Coachella


taylor swift

Mistakes were made during Flume’s weekend two performance at Coachella. His manager was watching the set from the lighting booth out in the crowd. As the set progressed, two women started dancing right in front of the booth, blocking his view completely. He then approached the girls to escort them out of the restricted area.

Nearby bodyguards stopped him before he could reach the dancers. It turned out the two women were Taylor Swift and Gigi Hadid, and they were staying right where they were. Hilariously, Flume’s manager failed to recognize one of the biggest pop stars in the world. We bet his friends and colleagues won’t let him forget it.

Read Flume’s own words about the story below.

“I was playing at Coachella week two and my manager was watching the show from the lighting desk out in the crowd and these two girls came up and started dancing in front of him, like really full on.”
“And he was like ‘God damn it I need to get these girls out of here,’ so he went to kick them out and realised it was Taylor Swift and her friend that Gigi Hadid girl,” Flume laughed.
“Their security guard went up to him and goes ‘You’re not kicking them out,’” Flume laughed. “It was all pretty funny.”


Source: Xpose