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Ghastly Remains Positive After Theft Incident

This past weekend our friend Ghastly ran into some bad luck and was robbed while on a trip. It looks like they took a bag of his with all his necessities except his phone.
Here’s what he posted to face book:

“Today my backpack was stolen along with my wallet, creditcards, ID, USBs, headphones, house keys, cutting my losses and moving forward with no identification I missed 2 flights – one in Eugene and one in Portland about 2 hours away all just to try and make my set in time with Mija in vegas (guess what, i didnt) i figured eh whatever ill just spend the night in portland with my friend… then they ditched me, then the driver who dropped me off abandoned me, and now im sitting in this terminal for the past 4 hours starving because i have no way to pay for anything and you know what? I’m pretty chill about it rn. If anything, this has taught me that attachment to material things and temporary people are just vacancies in a hotel only sad people visit – tonight ill get some epic sushi smoke some dank w my homies and tomorrow ill replace all the things i lost and keep moving forward because complaining never solved anything and the worlds gonna end one day anyway so fuk it ill just smile and be glad for what I do have”

Good reminder that were all fortunate to just be alive, healthy and able to have fun. Stay humble.

Bob Sacamano
Im just here for a good time.
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