Justin Jay & Friends – Fantastic Voyage (The Album!) – Part 2


fantastic voyage

Justin Jay & Friends – Fantastic Voyage (The Album!) – Part 2

LA-based producer/DJ Justin Jay returns this week with two new singles in the form of Fantastic Voyage (The Album!) – Part 2. Unlike Justin Jay & Friends’ previous singles, this pair of tracks was released on the London underground label Freerange Records, owned and operated by the renowned deep house artist Jimpster.

Justin Jay has had a pretty busy year so far with his recently wrapped-up tour across Australia and North America as well as the rollout of his debut Fantastic Voyage album. The Dirtybird youngster has taken it upon himself to release the album in an unconventional way through a series of singles and EPs on various labels. While the previous tracks procure a more sea-faring, indie vibe, Justin Jay has surprised us once again with two new deep house cuts with the help of his friends Josh Taylor, Benny Bridges, and up-and-coming producer Ulf Bonde. Together, the Justin Jay & Friends collective deliver their new tracks, “I See You” and “Indecision”.

“I See You” is a more hypnotizing, easy-going single that utilizes Josh Taylor’s melodic vocals to carry the track‚Äôs thumping bass and oscillating beats, while “Indecision” takes on more lively, provocative daze that will leave you dancing until the early morning.

You can listen to the Part 2 of the Fantastic Voyage (The Album!) below or catch it on Spotify.