Moby’s Memoir and His Weird Donald Trump Story


Moby, born as Richard Melville Hall, is known for his work as an extremely diverse musician and DJ that has composed music in multiple genres such as rock, techno, electronica, and downtempo. Moby has also sold over 20 million albums and has produced and remixed tracks for huge acts including David Bowie, Michael Jackson, Daft Punk and Metallica.

This month, Moby released his personal memoir entitled Porcelain: A Memoir which details his life journey. To give you an example of what debauchery to expect, Moby wrote that he’d be partying “at 8am, with strangers in my house, bags of drugs, I’d had about 15 drinks, having sex with a complete stranger.”

Further on, Moby talks about a prank that his friends would pull and detailed “I had some friends from college who would do that. They would get very drunk, pull their willy out and just brush it up against people.” Then Moby goes on to say that this happened to Donald Trump by one of his “friends” (who is most likely Moby himself).

“So what I will say is that a friend of mine once did that to Donald Trump. You can extrapolate as to who that person might be, and that’s as much as I can say.”

Wow that’s some pretty explosive stuff right there, and not at all what you would expect.