Moog Releases $10,000 Synthesizer For Your iPad: Model 15


Exciting news today for music lovers, creators, and sound designers everywhere…

Moog, one of the pioneers of synthesis in music, is taking advantage of modern digital technology to make their powerful production tools available for the everyman. The Moog sound has been an enormous influence on music as we know it, and has fueled the sound of popular music since the late 1960’s. Moog’s synth workstations, and modules, have been a staple in all genres of electronic music since the companies inception. It is safe to say without iconic synthesizers such as the Moog Modular, Voyager, Phatty, Minimoog, and Minotaur, electronic music and EDM as we know it today simply wouldn’t be the same.

Before the release of the Animoog App five years ago, this iconic sound comes at a great price. Moog units are built by hand with an immense amount of love and care. Many models are upwards of several thousand dollars which is what makes this new development so exciting. Packed into a $30 ios app, there is now a fully featured modular synth, built with the same technology as its $10,000 hardware counterpart, the Moog Model 15 Synthesizer (“Model 15” in the app store). For many budding producers there is an immense desire to use analog hardware due to the quality, and uniqueness of the potential sounds. Before software in this realm of power was developed, analog synthesis was out of touch for many people, and due to Moog’s innovation, their incredible, warm, analog sound can be used and explored by anyone. This app is definitely worth the humble $30 and will give you many of the same sounds that a traditional Moog would provide.

This is just another example of how technology is empowering musicians, and changing the face of music as we know it. This new piece of software is supported on ios and can be found downloaded here.

Source: WIRED