Music Triggers The Same Feels As Food & Sex



It’s no surprise that music is considered by many as one of the greatest assets created by people. It’s used by virtually everyone you know in many different ways for many different reasons. In fact, recent scientific evidence, which was gathered by Life Noggin, explains that music is on the same level as food and sex. By testing multiple subjects in different sound-related settings with a series of brain scans, researchers have found that listening to music led to the release of dopamine. Other subjects, who were either surrounded by silence or white noise, found that less, if any, of the organic chemical was released. This would explain why most of us find ourselves unusually friendly and sociable at music festivals and why we wouldn’t communicate in the same, relaxed way if we were anywhere else.

The containment of flowing music energizes our brains, specifically the movement, motor planning, auditory cortex, and attention parts, and unleashes feelings of pleasure we usually bring out while eating, having sex, or even taking drugs. You’re likely to experience the largest release of dopamine during a song’s peak, as opposed to during the build-up.

According to the study, music’s power can help children obtain stronger results in education. Learning to play an instrument helps increase cognitive and thinking abilities. Having at least 3 years of musical training can lead to higher scores on tests.

As publishers of music news, we strongly encourage people to listen to music. It’s a great way to view the world and to gain confidence with yourself and with others. Watch the full video about the inner workings of the mind on music below!