This New Video Explains The Origins Of Daft Punk’s Helmets


Ever wondered how Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo (better known as Daft Punk) came up with the robot helmets idea? Well, Mixmag developed a documentary sponsored by Olmeca Tequila that takes a closer look at the iconic headpieces and examines how they came into being.

The duo made their start in France around 1993, playing in small clubs alongside their longtime pal DJ Falcon. In 1997, they released Homework, which was their debut LP. From there on, they wanted to find an identity that perfectly matched their sound. In 1999, they discussed designs with Grammy-winning video directors Martin and Alex as well as Alterian Inc.’s Tony Gardner, who contributed with his amazing special effects prowess. From then on, the robots invaded the music scene and the rest is history. Take a look at the video below that brings you behind the scenes of the development of the helmets and the evolution of Daft Punk throughout the years.