TRNTBLE Is The World’s First Wireless Turntable



Meet the next generation in turntable music technology.

As the use of vinyl records continues to resurge in the dance music scene (and elsewhere no doubt), it comes as no surprise that we are beginning to see more and more hardware releases from companies wishing to jump in on the booming popularity of vinyl records. For instance, just last month we saw the technologically updated legend, the $4000 Technics SL-1200, sell out in less than 30 minutes.

Now, VYNL is looking to make their mark on the industry by releasing a truly unique product for audiophiles everywhere. Making use of the internet of things, TRNTBLE aims to turn things down a notch with its simplicity and retro design, and allow users to focus entirely on the main aspect of its use, simply listening to good music.

“Our understanding is that music is an art form. Polluting it with complicated connections and a mess of wires dilutes the listening experience from how the artist intended.”


The first wireless turntable will be able to stream “uncompressed audio” directly to a variety of speakers through the use of bluetooth and airplay, as well as stream to the entire SONOS lineup of premium audio products. Something users will expect from a turntable priced at $420, ($351 if you preorder it). The turntable will also be able to “detect” what song you are playing, sort of like Shazam for records. Additionally:

“TRNTBL scrobbles songs exclusively to Spotify. Your friends can see what you’ve been listening to in analog land, and you can even have TRNTBL automatically build Spotify playlists.”

TRNTBLE will ship this summer, and you can head on over to their website to preorder your own.