Updated: EDC20 Will Lose the Megastructure


As we get closer to June the anticipation for the years biggest rave Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas builds and so do the rumors and leaks. We might have a leaked fest map on our hands as someone has been able to grab an image of the blueprints for the fest layout at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. This map has been getting leaked every year the past couple years so there is also speculation that it could be a hoax being played by someone with some Photoshop abilities.

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According to this map the layout is similar to 2015 as far as stage locations go but there look to be some major changes in store. For starters Kinetic Field seems to have slightly shifted and seems much smaller, but that’s not even the big change. From the looks of it Circuit Grounds will by moving to a much wider and possibly open design. Now we already know from Pasquale that Circuit Grounds will be expanding, but he didn’t say that the megastructure itself was growing. Is there no megastructure this year? Perhaps it will move to more of an open tent design, but the map sure doesn’t look like it includes the megastructure we all know (a long half cylinder roof, that is).  For such a big event as the 20th Anniversary we can be sure it will bring the wow factor. No matter how they design it we can rely on the fact that Insomniac will provide another massive fest this year.  Let the anticipation begin.

Update 5/20 : Confirmed by Pasquale Rotella

The megastructure is officially history and will be replaced by an open 360 degree arena that is 3x larger than Circuit Grounds has been before.