Bassnectar Casually Announces New Album for This Friday

new album

It seemed like an average Tuesday and probably a difficult day for many EDMTunes readers recovering from Memorial Day Weekend. Then out of the clear blue one of the bass gods brought momentous news that just turned the notches up to 100. Lorin aka Bassnectar has been on a bit of a vacation over the past few months. He has played a few shows but has kept mostly a low profile as he prepared new music.

Lorin decided today to cut straight to the point and skip the whole month long album hype train thing. He took to Twitter Tuesday night to talk about a new music video he had dropping along with the fact that he was preparing for Mysteryland this summer. Oh yeah and his new album, Unlimited, is dropping THIS FRIDAY! Get ready bass zombies because Lorin is about to blow your mind once again. Better yet, a little birdie told us Lorin himself might have accidentally leaked it.