Bassnectar Shares His Experience with Skin Cancer



Leave it to someone as bright and optimistic as Lorin Ashton to turn a personal story about skin cancer into a heartfelt letter about the beauty of life. The 38-year-old Santa Cruz native who performs as Bassnectar recently shared his cancer survival story on Facebook along with a few other important notes about taking care of yourself. In a nutshell, the Bay Area producer talked about the importance of wearing sunscreen, leading a healthy life through good eating and exercising habits, and spreading love and optimism. For someone whose fans seem far too eager to fight for the front row, Ashton’s main goal is to get everyone to show a little more love to their neighbors. He also touches on the unfortunate events of the Orlando massacre and talks about a beautiful moment he shared with a fan this past weekend at New York’s Mysteryland. Check out the full post below.

Be sure to check out Bassnectar’s new music video for “Reaching Out” below!