Curbi – Triple Six


Triple Six

Curbi – Triple Six

Do you ever hear a song and you just think to yourself, “Yep, this is it.” And you have no real idea of what it even is, but without even realizing, your head is bobbing and you’re dancing to the beat. Well, teenage producer, Curbi has delivered just that track: “Triple Six.” Maybe the devilish title is to imply how the tune will sneak up on you with ferocity, because it will. Listeners beware: You’ll listen the whole way through only to replay it because you’re still wondering how such a catchy, good track, could slip by you so quickly.

The 17-year old producer has a ton of solid original house tracks as well as remixes, collaborations, and even his collections of dance tunes, playfully titled, Planet Curbi. Jump over to his very well organized SoundCloud page to check them out. But first check out his latest jam, Triple Six, below!

Curbi – Triple 6|Download